Pour Vixen: Part 2
Starring the following model:
"Sensual Mud Play"

As the mud pours all over her incredibly sexy body and ample breasts she looks just amazing, of course we had to do some hi-def ’slo-mo’ action. Just amazing shoot, she just loved playing in the mud, even fell in face first time and time again.

Atomic Vixen looks super sexy, amazing body and very sensual as she rubs the warm soft mud all over her self. We had so much footage we had to break this movie in to two parts!!! We just could not leave any of this on the cutting room floor!

File count:1
Total size:216.72 MB
Total runtime:15 mins, 11 secs
Date added:8/13/10
Year produced:2010
Product ID:DM012
Scene ID:1311
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216.72 MB
15.2 minutes

"Vixen pulls you into the mud with her in the best possible way!"
WritesNaughtyReviews  5/7/16

This video is a perfect example of my favorite bits of mud play. It's sensual, indulgent, enveloping, silky soft, and incredibly enticing. The clay is thick enough to generously coat Vixen's amazing curves and obscure details, but still liquid enough to flow easily. The imagination takes over as she rolls around in the slip, and bucket after bucket of it is poured over her. I love watching the clay slide over her skin, and thinking about what it must feel like. That, for me, is one of the real erotic strengths of mud: it's ability to get your imagination involved. Mudmadphil and Vixen do a brilliant job of that here.

"Wamming at its raunchiest, dirtiest level!"

I love the work of so many producers from all levels of the wamming world. From always clothed Phoebe to legends like Bill Shipton and the late Rob Blaine. But there is something about Mudmadphil's that always reaches me at the deepest of levels. And it's because his models and productions match the dirtiest part of me. Nude, raunchy, in the deepest and dirtiest of pits, full coverage. The only thing I do a bit more frequently is I love to head dunk. But everything about Phil's work makes me think of when I'm experiencing all this for myself which is why I love it so much.

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