Mud Wrestling (Part 2)
Starring these models:
"Good Old Mud Wrestling"

In part two, for reasons no man can ever understand, all is forgiven and they kiss and make up. Except the kiss does not stop at a kiss. Soon both women are grabbing ass and boobs all over the place, slipping and sliding in the clay, getting on top of each other, and sliding over each other--utterly naked and 100% covered in clay. They play, pour mud on each other, and Ava even licks the clay off of Malloryís nipples.

I bet they donít even remember what they were mad at! An amazingly sexy video, Mallory and Ava look stunningly sexy, and I think they show us one of the sexiest girl-on-girl mud scenes ever created.

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Total runtime:16 mins, 32 secs
Date added:9/20/10
Year produced:2010
Product ID:DM015
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"Very sexy and sensual! My favorite kind of mud wrestling."
WritesNaughtyReviews  5/9/16

I do love watching beautiful ladies roll around in deep clay together. Mallory and Ava spend the entire video in a slippery, muddy tangle, and it's absolutely beautiful. There's enough caressing, pouring, rubbing, and rolling to satisfy any fan of sensual girl-on-girl muddy action. The ladies aren't shy with the camera, either, and with all the clay-coated boob and ass shots, not to mention several very pretty pussy peeks, it would be hard for this video to get much nicer.

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